Monday, March 5, 2012

Memory Mondays

Remember this show?

My friend and fellow Unpunched blogger Jeremy and I watched one of the episodes the other day entitled "The Soldier and Death"

This reminded me of a time when programs like this one, Amazing Stories, Eerie Indiana, and Tales From The Darkside graced the airwaves. I really like these kind of shows. Loved the puppetry in this series, I was always trying to make a creature or puppet (unsuccessfully I might add) when I was a kid. The unrelated story-lines every week were a way to keep it fresh and new each episode, and I hope a new show similar to these ones will find its way to my TV one day.

Well, back to remembering...


  1. Nothing beats good puppetry. Jim Henson and company are masters!

    Although the movement in those devils were less then perfect, something is said for having actual texture and characters for actors to interact with.

    Awesome stuff

  2. I agree with the less than perfect comment, however, it was funny, like they were caricaturing the actions and not trying to replicate realistic motion 100%. If this were done nowadays it would all be cg to get the realistic movement and the texture you mentioned would be totally absent.