Thursday, April 26, 2012

ET Thursday

OMG it finally happened!!!!!!!!
It looks like just in time for E.T.'s 30th anniversary they have released a SEQUEL to E.T.!!!!!

Well, maybe not, but you have to admit this is a wonderfully edited video of other movies to make a somewhat believable trailer, aside from the extra long necks and the Transformers music.

Wow, did I laugh at the grown up Gerti (Drew Barrymore) and the motorbike across the moon scenes, well done.

My kids finally warmed up to watching ET, they were a bit scared at first but now they enjoy it. So I thought, hey wouldn't it be cool to show the kids this trailer and trick them into thinking there is a new ET movie coming out? I tried it on my wife first and she fell for it (momentarily), then she figured out it was fake. So the test worked, time to show it to the kids. BIG mistake, they did not like this at all. I had to shut it off, then spend the rest of the evening explaining how some people made a fake video and made it look so convincing. I guess I didn't think that one through too well.

Anyway, even though I would love to see another ET movie, it will never happen and would just ruin the memory of the original, we've seen that happen to a few of our childhood movies already.

ET has passed out of the limelight and there is not that much interest in it anymore, for those of you who were around when ET first came out you have the memories of how it  took over the world for a year or so. If it was resurrected again I think it would be cool to see it come back as some kid of short series, like the Genndy Tartakovsky Clone Wars series. Nothing to do with the original movies though, just short stories about ET on his planet or something. Here's a preview of what it would probably look like.


  1. This brings up the question.Should there be an E.T. sequal?And if so how do you follow up such an iconic and near perfect if not perfect film?

    1. I don't think a sequel would do the first one justice, it would just spoil the excitement and wonder the first film had.
      I had a magazine from 1984 (I've lost it now), but it had the beginning premise of a sequel that Spielberg had started to set out a plot for. It had ET showing up at Elliot's door, and that's about all it said, so I don't think it was too serious. That same magazine had an article about a second Ghostbuters starring Eddie Murphy, so it wasn't a solid source me thinks.