Monday, April 2, 2012

Memory Modays

Hey, I remembered another memory today.

Remember these guys?

I recently rescued these guys from a basket at my parents house. My kids and nephews where throwing them around. When I saw this I was thrilled and horrified. Thrilled because I thought I had long lost these guys at a garage sale or something. I was horrified when it occurred to me that the kids were throwing these mint vintage toys around, ahh -geek faint-.
Anyway, I quickly rounded them up after the kids were distracted with something else.
Now the toys reside on my shelf, giving the dust a new home, so I may look at them everyday.

As a little bonus, this past valentines day, my daughter received this from her best friend. (see below)

This was really awesome to see because I thought they had re-issued mad ball merchandise. Upon closer inspection I looked at the date on the card and it was from 1987! Wow, where did this kid get these valentines? I gathered the guys around to discuss what to do with the card. Now the card sits with the Mad Balls on the shelf. -new memories-

Let me know if you guys remember these too.

Anyone remember their individual names without looking them up?


  1. names... names... let's see.

    we have "Eye Ball Ball", "the Toxic Avenger", "Major League: Starring Charley Sheen", and "The Happy Skull".

    I know I must have gotten one of those right.

  2. I think you got them all right!

  3. I knew "Major League: Starring Charley Sheen" was right, but I totally guessed the rest!

    Do I win a prize for getting 100%? An ET Key chain perhaps?

  4. Oh man, my love for Madballs is limitless! Awesome post!