Thursday, July 12, 2012

ET Thursday

Hey, we're back from a two week stay in San Diego. We were there waiting for some convention to open. Turns out it starts this week, I should have checked the schedule. Just kidding, we didn't go to San Diego.

This week, my ET post centers around a topic that I am currently interested in, movie posters and art.

Not too sure who did this one, but I think its very interesting. I love the way the details are over done on the lips, looks like he has bee stings. Check out the rings around the neck and arms, just great. I really like finding these kind of things, other artists visions of the subject matter. Very nostalgic too.


  1. By the way E.T.'s eyes look, I'd say he was smoking something(maybe even used his finger to light it). Now I finally see why he had such an insatiable appetite for Reese's Pieces. :)

  2. Ya, this is definitely a weird one. Makes it that much better IMO.

  3. "whooah my finger like, lights up man!"