Thursday, November 1, 2012

Star Wars brain explosion!!!!

I'm sure every geek has heard about Disney purchasing Lucasfilm by now so I'm not going into any details. This excites me in so many ways. Yes, more movies and TV series is good news, but I'm excited to see what the theme parks division has cooking up for us.
I'm a big Disney parks fan, and I loved the new Star Tours ride. I was appalled by the news that Disney is making an Avatar themed land in reaction to the success of Universals Harry Potter land. Why Avatar and why not Star Wars? Well this week's new answers that, and opens the hopes and dreams of there being a Star Wars Land, or better yet a Star Wars Theme Park. I had written about this topic before in a post from the April. Apparently, Disney had a deal with Lucasfilm that the latter could not open up a Star Wars themed park in any country that had a Disney park. I don't know any more than that. I read that little tidbit at the site where there was a good article about Tom Hodges and his hypothetical painting of a Star Wars Theme park.

This painting is really exciting to dream about, I hope some of it becomes a reality soon, and I hope it in a US park since there is no Disney park in Canada its the closest I got.

ET Thursday is a break this week due to the Halloween overdose of ET I had. It will return soon with some new items. I also plan on creating a new series of posts focusing on Star Wars junk, but just the good junk.

See ya!