Thursday, March 8, 2012

E.T. Thursday

I'm a bit late for this post, but its here finally, just what you've been waiting for, its
E.T. Thursday!!

OK, this week's offerings come from Avon, the make up company? Yes, the very same, they made all sorts of beauty products and decided to cash in on the kids market. The result of their research lead them to create this wonderful E.T. Shampoo bottle.

Not much to play with as a kid. the head comes off and the shampoo pours out the top, yay!
Well, as a kid that loved E.T. I know I would have bought this no matter how lame it was to play with, and I did.

With that said its a pretty cool display piece, and now that I am an adult I have a house that I can stick this crap in. awesome...

Amongst the garage sales and moves I lost this item, so I picked up this one on ebay super cheap.

Hopefully this will quell your E.T. cravings until next week, until then BEEEE GOOOOD!
uhg, sorry about that...

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