Monday, March 12, 2012

Memory Mondays - Boglins

Remember these?

I used to own a Boglin when I was younger. I can still remember the smell of it too.

These weird rubbery guys would come in caged boxes that you could stick your hand into.You could test out their mouth as well as their eyes.

I also remember that there were Boglin stamps in Rice Krispies cereal, I don't think I ever had any of those, but I can still remember the commercial.

Anyway, when I started this Memory Monday post, I was basically just going to end it with "I wish these would come back".
Lucky for me I did a quick Wikipedia search for Boglins before I posted... low and behold: THEY DID COME BACK! Whaaaat?

Apparently in 2000 Mattel relaunched Boglins. (I don't remember this at all. Cripes.) 

The "new" Boglins are a little "off" from the originals however. It seems they are a bit brighter compared to the older ones. Almost cartoony in a way.

Seeing as its 12 years after that the relaunch, would you mind doing me a favor Mattel? Could you please do a re-relaunch of Boglins? Again? Please? (just don't put em on MattyCollector)


  1. Boglins are awesome, I wish I had bought a bunch when they were warming the shelves at Zellers.

    1. you mean "flying off the shelves" right?

      (I'm trying for a re-relaunch Malcolm, come on!)