Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ebay Oddities

Every Wednesday is "eBay Oddities" here on Unpunched.
Amidst our random searches on eBay we often stumble upon weird and wonderful treasures.

This week is Star Wars Week , and to keep to that theme I searched for some odd Wars related items, I'm surprised to say it was actually pretty difficult, but I managed to find a few items that could be seen as odd in a way.

This week I present to you: misc. Star Wars Stuff

Item #1
This may seem odd to some of the younger folk but this is how we dressed up for Halloween in the late 70's early 80's. Don't laugh, its all we had. For those of you who had one of these (maybe a different character), and lived in a cold climate like I did ( Halloween in Saskatchewan, Canada was usually freezing and white with snow), will remember how these things would get so cold the plastic would crack as you walked. By the time you got home you'd just have to shake a bit and the costume would just crumble off.

Item #2

Here we have a custom plastic kids Vader helmet gussied up to look steam punk. Not really odd but somebody was trying to sell it.

Item #3

A custom cyborg rancor, hmm.

Item #4

A custom 3 3/4 inch zombie Star Wars figure.

Like I said these weren't too odd but that's all I could really find.


  1. I was that Yoda as a child. I miss those costumes. I'm in Buffalo, NY and it's usually not quite freezing, but cold enough that there'd be a constant drip of condensation inside that mask just above my mouth. Thanks for posting.

  2. I can still remember my eyelids scratching up against the eye holes in those plastic masks(boy was that irritating) LOL!And those suits used to feel like hospital gowns.Still and all they totally rocked!

    1. I hope you wore clothes under it.

  3. You were supposed to wear clothes under them?