Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Vintage... kinda...

So, I collect Star Wars, as you mat have figured out. I try to keep it to vintage item in an attempt to streamline my collection instead of it being all over the place. But, back in the mid 90's, before the Special Editions and Episode 1, there was not a lot of great Star Wars collectibles to be had in the time period. This is when I completed my vintage figure collection, before the days of Ebay, I scoured the newsgroups looking for people selling figs with no pictures and buying them with no way of knowing if you were getting scammed or not.
Anyway It was also during this time that I bought an awesome set of micro machines consisting of Original Trilogy vehicles. These are kinda vintage now, not from the 70's or 80' but they are old enough now, 1994, and came before all the new trilogy and special edition stuffs.

This set is really really cool. Now don't beat up on me for not opening the set up, I have, in fact opened the box, I just haven't taken out the ships from their tiny plastic coffins. This is mostly due to the fact that I don't really have a great idea on how to display them, and I don't want to loose them. Any ideas people?

Here's some more pics

The Aluminum Falcon

The Snow Walker (this is the correct name for all the kids from the OT era)

The exclusive Executor Super Star Destroyer (this one can destroy super stars, not just regular stars)

Shuttle Tyderium (which I think just looks cool)

And of course the classic Tie Fighter and X-Wing fighter.

As you can see from the picture above, these suckers are small but have great detail for their size.

I'd have to say that among the really crappy Star Wars collectibles that surfaced in the 90's these stick out as the shining star amongst the poop. And for $30 it was a pretty good deal. You can still snag one of these on Ebay for @ $20-$30 although I've seen them listed at around $200, yea right.

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