Friday, May 4, 2012

Horror Story!!

Yesterday Reis, over at Dork Horde posted the Boba Fett figure on his Vintage Star Wars Thursday series. I had commented that I would leave my Boba Fett horror story that this figure reminded me of.

It was 1985, Star Wars interest was fading, newer, different toys were arriving on the pegs. There were still plenty of Star Wars figures in the stores, people just weren't buying them. Prices at the local toy stores were dropping to rock bottom, $1.99 a figure with an additional 50% off, so a buck a piece. Man if I could take $1000 and go back to that time I would clean off the shelves but that's another tale.
I still liked Star Wars and would still get the toys, in fact my parents knew that I still liked Star Wars enough that one day my mom came home with a small surprise. She had bought me a Squid Head and a Boba Fett action figure. I was excited, but I already had them. She didn't think I had them, but I said I'd keep them in my closet in the package for a keepsake or whatever.

About a year later my best friend and I were playing in my room, looking for toys in my closet and he pulls out the Squid Head and Boba. Hey, Star Wars figures he says, then... get ready for the horror... he rips open the Boba Fett. NNOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I let out a cheesy Darth Vader yell. Even at 10 Years old I knew that he had just wrecked what could have been a valuable item in the future.

Here is the result of that day, I kept it around for some reason, maybe I hoped it would heal itself.

The figure is still fine but the card and bubble are toast.

Here you can see the ridiculous price.

I still feel sick thinking about this moment twenty some years ago.

My friend is now a doctor, maybe I should hit him up for the few hundred buck he ripped out the window that day. But I 'm not bitter about it or anything.


  1. I don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight

  2. That was a great as well as an unfortunate story.Still and all the fact that you still have the figure and card with original $1.99 price tag on it is pretty cool ;)