Friday, May 4, 2012

Star Wars Vintaginess

I was trying to think of something to post other than figures, so I looked through the boxes of stuff I had not put on display yet and found a few interesting things.

First up a bunch of vintage cardbacks (not the new ones, the original ones) saved from when I was a kid. Most are not in great shape but that's OK by me. I'm going to put them in a binder with sleeve protectors to view whenever I please.

Here are some small toy catalogs that were included with the larger Star wars items like the vehicles and play sets. I loved looking though these.

Next up is the 3 story books released by Scholastic. I love how these books have no table of contents but just photos main characters with a small description.

Along the same lines as the previous item, we have some more books. These were the magazines handed out at the movie theaters before the showing of the movie. Notice how the baby Ewok gets a nod as an important character. MMM... nostalgicy.

Here more 1983 nostalgia, an Ewok poster I had hanging on my wall back in the day, its a little worn out.

A 7/11 Return of the Jedi cup from the summer of '83

And finally, an original 1977 7" single from the Millennium album "Star Wars and Other Galactic Funk" featuring MECO playing the disco Star Wars theme and Cantina band song.

Well, that's plenty of stuff for now, there is lots more to post about in the future. Now I'm going to change into my Star Wars shirt and watch the blu rays, yaaaay. Have a great Star Wars day!

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  1. Wow! What a collection! I had that very same Meco record.