Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ebay Oddities follow up BROTHER!!!

Well, what a cool little story we have for you today. A while back Jeremy posted an Ebay oddity on the Hulk Hogan Puppet Kooler. I have an update on that story.

A couple days ago, I was checking out a collector's Star Wars merchandise he had for sale. While rummaging in his basement, what do you think I see?Yes!! There it is!!! A Hulk Hogan Puppet Kooler. There was no way I was leaving without that. One quick offer and $5 later I had this bad boy in my possession.

Pretty sweet! It came with the straps I just tucked them into the cup for display.

And look!! Hogan even signed it!!! What a find (ha).

Nice sculpt job on the face, great caricature.

Come little brother, you can do it! Move your legs, that's it! You will walk again, dude!!!

As an added bonus to this story, the husband of the lady that sculpted these puppet koolers, his name is Kenny, found Jeremy's original post on this item and left a couple comments. You all should check out what he had to say, it is very interesting. Maybe he'll send in some pictures of other koolers for us to see, who knows. Anyway it was great to read those comments, thanks Kenny. Check them out, here's the link again.

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  1. That's awesome! I never thought we would have an eBay Oddities follow up. Great score!