Thursday, June 7, 2012

ET Thursday Trifecta!

Today is a special ET Thursday, for no real good reason. I just have 3 things to share today that all.

First up is the new ET Headnocker by NECA. Now, I'm not a real big fan of bobble heads and I wasn't overly crazy about this one either, but it is a new ET item, and we don't see those too often.

Check out the sculpt job, good caricature of ET's head. But lets examine the body.

Holy smokes, they just recycled the body from the awesome ET action figure, and did a horrible job of hiding the seams on the shoulders.

At least they included the Speak and Spell and Reese's Pieces, even though they aren't labeled as such
Overall I'm happy with it, it looks good on my shelf (which one day very soon I'll post a picture of).

Next up is a vintage ET metal tray I picked up when I was hunting for Star Wars items, at which I found the Hulk Hogan Puppet Kooler (see yesterday's post), featuring Gertie giving ET a little goodbye smooch.

Not much to say about this, everybody knows about these, whats great is that I now have a set of trays to display, and even better it only cost me $5.

Finally, we have the announcement of ET on Bluray, AWESOME!!!!! There will be no special edition, just the original release, guns, kids and all. Only bad thing is it isn't being released until October, lame. I assume to cash in on the holiday season.

Stay tuned, June 11 is a big day for ET fans.


  1. Did they even try and hide the seams in the shoulders?! The base looks cool though.

  2. They hid the elbows and leg seams, they must have run out of putty.