Monday, June 11, 2012

Happy 30th E.T.!

Wow, we just celebrated the 35 Anniversary of Star Wars and now we get to celebrate having ET around for 30 years. Holy crap, do I feel old! Even though E.T. first aired to the public at the Cannes festival on May 26, after which it received a 15min long standing ovation, today is its official release date.
I clearly remember going to see ET, not knowing what this little guys was, or what the story was all about. It was a wonderful time. And I still can't get enough, I don't know what it is.

I'm pleased that ET is coming out on bluray this year, even if I have to wait til October, maybe they will bump it up. I'm also thrilled that the version on bluray will be the original theatrical release. Here's a trailer.


Last year, Jeremy and I took a road trip to California and brought our families along. I HAD to stop and see the ET house. I had been to California many times before but never took the time to take a look at this piece of Hollywood history.

So here I am, nerding it up outside the ET house, in my Jaws shirt (yes, I was thoroughly enjoying my time in LA LA Land). Don't ask why I was lurking behind the garbage can, I guess I was trying to be discreet, ha, mission accomplished. It was a nice neighborhood, and had really grown in the last 30 years. In the movie there was hardly a big tree in sight, now the trees make the house seem a lot smaller than it did in the movie. That was a pretty cool experience, I'm glad I did it.

Over the last few months I've been showing off some strange and awesome ET Collectibles.
This next one I would have to say is one of my favorites. It's not vintage, it was from the 20th anniversary, but it is awesome.

Behold the Toys R Us Exclusive E.T. The Extra Terrestrial Limited Edition 12" Figurine. I really like this piece, it has great show quality. The sculpt is not as dead on as NECA's recent figure (those are awesome) but it catches ET in large scale fairly good, which I haven't seen a lot of.

And it's numbered, to boot.

And that's not all, check out this clip.

That's right, it lights up and plays music and dialog from the movie.
We had this on the shelf at work and it was a running gag to press the button during an awkward silence and have to listen to the whole show over again.

Here is it with the cover on

Here it is in the dark

Here you can see it fit into my ET shrine of awesomeness.

Next ET Thursday's post will feature a not so great item from the 20th anniversary collection, but is was a must buy for me. I'll explain on Thursday.

Time to go watch ET, and I suggest everybody reading this does the same today.


  1. That's an impressive E.T. collection my friend!It's amazing how this movie still chokes me up today :( :)

    1. Yes, its one of the few movies that they got everything just right.
      Time to go eat some Reese's Pieces and reflect.

  2. Nice E.T. shrine! I bow down to your collector-fu.

    1. Thanks Reis.
      A while back you had mentioned focusing your collecting rather than amassing stuff. That's what I'm trying to do as well, focusing on mainly Vintage Star Wars as well as E.T.
      How your streamlined collecting going?

  3. do do dodododo doooo bbbbbeeecchhffff guurrrrffffff

    1. Thanks Jeremy, you know I try as hard as I can to do that.
      Thanks for the support.