Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Thinking with Portals

I bought something at the local comic convention the other day.
* Most vintage/nostalgia collectors won't give two hoots about it (Malcolm :P) but I think its pretty dern awesome. 

My very own Portal device:

A quick video I slapped together to show off how it works:

When I first played portal I was instantly engrossed in the story, the characters and the setting of the game. Not only was the game weird and new, but it was immensely entertaining and funny.

I (much like any person who played it at the time) couldn't recommend it enough. It was good. Portal 2 came out last April and I was a little worried that it might ruin the experience of the first game. I was relieved that it somehow surpassed it in almost every which way.

If your not good at games, but like puzzles and humor then Portal is for you. Go play it. Its cheap. (Wait for a steam sale and you can download it for like 10 bucks.)


  1. This looks cool, and if I knew what the hell it was and what significance it has in the game I'd be even more excited.
    Just jokes, even though I've never played Portal I know what this is.
    I can appreciate the feeling of getting that awesome collectible that has finally come out or has eluded me for a while.
    Pretty sweet, it will be even nicer in 30 years when its vintage!

  2. ha yea, hopefully it doesn't become yellowed by then.