Thursday, June 14, 2012

ET Thursday

Hey its ET Thursday again. Today we'll look at the 20th Anniversary release of ET and Elliot ToysR'Us exclusive.

I didn't collect these when they came out 10 years ago, I wasn't collecting ET that much back then, and I really thought these were horrible figures and decided to wait until better ones were made, which ended up being 10 years later.


The only reason I bought this one is because I didn't have any ET related items with Elliot on them. Maybe one day I'll open it but not today. It's not a bad sculpt of Elliot, looks like him more from the side.

 It's got a great display of the 20th anniversary items on the back
Here you have a progression of the ET's through the years. First the 0 anniversary ET on the left. Next is the 20th, notice the slightly cartoonish sculpting, I picked this one up at a garage sale for a couple bucks. And of course the sweet 30th anniversary version.


  1. interactive mini playsets! INTERACTIVE MINI PLAYSETS! Y U NO HAVE!?

    1. BAAA, I don't know, I should though.

  2. Yowzers. That E.T. is kind of goofy looking. I'd kill for a new Elliot figure to go with my new E.T.

    Did you ever have the old Elliott on his bicycle with E.T. in the basket friction toy? I need to find one of those on eBay.

    1. No, sadly I never had one of those, that would be a good addition to the shrine.

      I'd love it if NECA sculpted the human figures, will never happen unfortunately.