Monday, June 18, 2012

Memory Monday: KRULL

It's been a while since the last Memory Monday, not because I had no memories, but because I had ET on the mind I guess.
So After my ET and Reese's Pieces hangover from this week, I dug into the 80's memories and pulled out this beauty from 1983:


This movie was not all that great, it opened at #4 behind Lampoons, Jaws 3-D and the 10th week of Return of the Jedi, but I have great memories from it. It also has picked up a small cult following. It also had a catchy musical score.

The story follows a prince set out to rescue his bride from some slow moving invaders, called Slayers, from another world.

The princess is held by their leader, a  giant Beast, at the Black Fortress.

The movie is a mix between medieval and sci-fi, like Robin Hood meets Star Wars. No lightsabers but the prince has an awesome weapon that I thought was absolutely awesome.

  "the Glaive"
This was the best thing ever I thought. He'd throw it and it would kill what ever it hit, then it would come back to him and he'd catch it, SWEET!! I tried to make one of these out of Popsicle sticks, tons of fun.

There are a few cool characters like the Cyclops.

It also had this weird blind wizard guy that scared the crap out of me back in the day, still creeps me out.

But the best little surprise was the re-discovering that this fellow was in the film.

Yes, that's Liam Neeson. As a kid I had no idea who he was, now we know him as Oscar Schindler, and maybe a few other roles he has done since.

I had always wished that Krull spawned an action figure line, it never did.
Maybe it would look like this:

It did inspire a comic and video game but not much else.

So if you want see a movie that captures what studios were trying to do in the early 80's Star Wars era to try and keep up, and you don't mind bad 80's special effects, then take a look at Krull.


  1. You know, I watched this movie as a kid way too many times. It's like I knew it was bad even back then, but for some reason I just couldn't stop watching it. The cyclops was so dorky looking! But that weapon, the "glaive", was pretty badass.

    1. That's exactly the correct way to describe it, you knew it was bad but couldn't stop... like french fries.