Monday, June 4, 2012

Treasure Find!

I love finding random goodies at unlikely places, and a few months ago I found some treasures!

My Wife and I will usually go to the nearby grocery store to pick up supper provisions, snacks, household items and all that regular boring stuff, however one day things change!

Upon entering the automated sliding doors my eyes were almost instantly drawn to this little rack of... well these:

I jaunted over and picked up a Mayor McCheese (I don't know why I have a thing for hamburgers) and wondered to myself how these things could possibly be in a place like this.

I was ready to flip it over and see them priced at something more then what I was willing to pay. But no. Not today my friend. Each figure was 3.99! wwhhaaaaat!?
I scooped up a Mayor McCheese and The Hamburger and placed them lovingly into our cart. (In full disclosure I left Ronald McDonald and Grimace on the pegs. The Grimace packaging was messed up and Ronald looked creepy.)

It would have been awesome if they made an Officer BigMac, that would have made everything a gazillion times better. But hey this was a score all unto itself.

The only down side now, is that every time I go into that grocery store I hope they have something cool waiting for me. And every time I'm let down.


  1. These are great, I can't believe you found these in the grocery store. McDonald's isn't real food.

  2. WHAT!? McDonald's isn't real food!?

    What next? You gonna tell me that the Hamburglar doesn't burgle hams?!

  3. He burgles ham flavored products, but not real ham.

  4. I.. think... I'm ... going.. to be sick....

  5. That Mayor McCheese is sweet! I have a thing for hamburgers too. What's not to like about them? I'm surprised I haven't seen these before. Can't go wrong at $3.99 either.

  6. I believe these are remakes of the Remco Figures from the 1970s

    pic here:

    I really hope they make the second series. I would buy the officer Big Mac for sure!

    Considering these came out in 2008, I don't think they did very well. (looks like you can pick up the whole set for like 50 bucks plus shipping on ebay). I doubt we will ever see an Officer Big Mac/series 2.