Friday, August 31, 2012

Turtle Power!

When I was a kid Ninja Turtle mania was is full swing and for every birthday party and Christmas I got turtle stuff. I was happy, and I bet the people buying me presents were happy because I was so easy to buy for.  Fast forward to today and (long story short) all my turtle stuff is gone and I don't really have anything left.

Yesterday however, I bought one of the new Turtle figures based of the 1988 cartoon.

Leonardo Leads! (I would have bough Raphael, but he was sold out. No offence Leo.)

I must say, these are quite impressive figures. They are pretty large and have 34 points of articulation!

I call this the "Articulation Test"

If I had to give some pros and cons (I don't have to, but I'm going to), they would be:


  • Nice size
  • Faithful representation of the cartoon versions
  • Massive amount of pose ability 
  • Cool manhole cover base!


  • The swords seem a bit short to me. 
  • Some articulation joints are kind of weak (this could be a problem if you pose them a lot).
  • The fingers look kind of derpy without a weapon in their hand.

I think I'm going to collect all! ... if I can find Raph.

Go Ninja! Go Ninja! GO!

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  1. Ice sums it it perfectly.

    I had 2 extra Raphs but I didn't need them so I threw them out, sorry.