Thursday, September 13, 2012

ET Thursday

Hey all, its ET Thursday again. Feeling a bit lazy today but I managed to dig up a funny ET related picture.

There is a scene in the Animaiacs episode "Hooked on a Ceiling" where Yakko, Wakko, and Dot help Michelangelo (not the turtle) repaint the Sistine Chapel after they white-wash it. After their first repaint has images like Elvis, and dogs playing poker in it they repaint it again quickly before the "His Eminence" comes to view it. Before Michelangelo has time to look at the finished painting the special guest arrives. Michelangelo is horrified as they both look over the painting to find our buddies ET and Elliot in the finished work. However, "His Eminence" loves it, who in fact turns out to be Steven Spielberg (although he is never named, you know its him).

One other pop culture reference to note, four ninja turtles pop out during the introduction when the narrator is naming well known figures from the renaissance. Jeremy will like that one.

Enough talk, just watch the episode!

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